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ORT Guinea joins fight against Ebola

ORT Guinea joins fight against Ebola

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Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Emergency Appeal

Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Emergency Appeal

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Ms Celeste Angus (ORT) and Ms Aleesha Taylor (OSF) meeting with the Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Security (MOLES)

Myanmar National Skills Development Network

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Volunteers Give Autistic Children and Teens a Chance at a Normal Social Life

Volunteers Give Autistic Teens a Chance at a Normal Social Life

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Yvel - Jewellery making course for Ethiopian Immigrants

Yvel - Jewellery making course for Ethiopian Immigrants

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World ORT International Cooperation

World ORT

World ORT is one of the largest Education and Training non-governmental organizations in the world. Founded 130 years ago, in 1880 in St. Petersburg, World ORT's past and present activities span more than 100 countries in five continents.

To date, more than 2,000,000 students have been educated by ORT and 300,000 students benefit worldwide from World ORT projects every year. ORT schools and training centers operate in North and Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific as well as Israel, the CIS and Baltic States.

International Cooperation

World ORT International Cooperation is the global aid section of World ORT.

The goal of World ORT International Cooperation is to be a privileged partner and operator in developing countries to ensure appropriate education and professional training, enhance the community responsibility and capabilities, improve the agriculture production, protect the environment and increase the individual and family income.

Meeting the local needs, focusing on improving the quality of life and on income generating projects, World ORT IC is an actor of change in the developing countries. Self-sufficiency and local leadership development are the aim guaranteeing perpetuation of the investments. World ORT IC focuses primarily on:

Facts and Figures

  • World ORT IC is a non-profit NGO
  • 50 years of experience (created in 1960)
  • 350 projects in 100 countries
  • 9 field offices (Burundi, Burkina-Faso, Chad, Guinea, Haiti, Liberia, Mali, Montenegro & Senegal)
  • 200 professional consultants.
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Local Governments, World Bank, Asian development Bank, SECO (Switzerland), USAID (USA), American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), CIDA (Canada), George Soros Open Society Institute Foundation, Hewlett Packard Corporation, Coca-Cola Corporation and more Partners

Tailor Made Projects

World ORT International Cooperation seeks for new partners and new projects.

The projects presented on our website are only samples of the various types of existing programs. All can be duplicated and adapted elsewhere.

World Ort International Cooperation offers to develop custom projects with private enterprises or individuals. Rich of its experience and accesses, World ORT IC will, jointly with yourself or your company, define the aims, the target, the expected outcome and the modus operandi. World ORT IC will find the appropriate local partner and endorse the implementation of the project.

Our networks in developing countries and our knowledge of the local needs and opportunities enable us to design and implement tailor-made new projects responding to the investor policy and requests.

Contact Us

World ORT International Cooperation offices are located in Geneva CH, London UK and Washington USA.

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