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Advocacy Program

Montenegro - USAID - 2002-2010

ORT strengthened the capacity of Montenegrin NGOs to conduct effective public policy advocacy initiatives under the USAID-funded Montenegro Advocacy Program (MAP).

The eight-year program empowered Montenegrin NGOs to identify public policy concerns that resonate with a broad cross section of stakeholders, and provided them with the capacity to mobilize expertise and resources to tackle these issues effectively.

ORT supported a core group of public-policy oriented NGOs through the provision of customized training, technical assistance and financial grants. Aimed at strengthening NGO operations and institutional capacity, adopting international governance standards, and building the capacity to advocate successfully for legal change, these customized support packages played a key role in creating a critical mass of NGOs that are now true partners at the public policy table in Montenegro.

Building on this success, ORT expanded the program to target a further 17 NGOs, therefore assisting a total of 36 NGOs to attain the skills required to serve as effective partners in the public policy process. More than 200 NGOs have benefited from the wide range technical assistance and training opportunities made available through the MAP.

ORT also implemented the USAID Akcija 'Reforms for a Healthy Society' Program. The program was established in order to address the limited engagement of NGOs and independent media in the reform process of Montenegro. ORT worked with the Akcija NGO Network, a core group of leading Montenegrin NGOs, academics, experts and independent media organizations, to identify and fund initiatives in support of the ongoing reforms process in Montenegro.

The Akcija Network became the largest, most organized, and most influential of NGO networks in Montenegro, and under ORT's guidance, its membership increased from 49 to 71 member organizations.

ORT was also contracted by USAID to replicate the successful NGO Capacity Building Conference which was conducted in Chisinau, Moldova at the USAID International Faith & Community Based Conference in South Africa. ORT designed the workshop and provided training on capacity building for a diverse group of NGOs in Cape Town, South Africa in order to increase collaboration among faith-based and community groups to address social needs; and to build capacity to obtain funding from foundations, grant programs and international donors.

ORT has implemented similar local NGO capacity building programs in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Russia, Sri Lanka and India.

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