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Improving Civil Service Capabilities

French Speaking Countries

A large number of senior civil servants in Africa have a high level of practical experience but have never had the chance to fulfill formal education in Management Science.

World ORT IC, in conjunction with the University of Saint Etienne in France, proposes to organize Bachelor degree studies in Management Science for experienced civil servants. This program is based on the principles of the Bologna convention on University level education.

Each year, 30 candidates selected by the University of Saint Etienne will participate. During an eight month period, 16 qualified teachers of the University of Saint Etienne will travel to Africa to teach all the relevant topics for a Bachelor Degree in Economic and Social Management. The diploma will be a French University Bachelor degree, worldwide accredited.


World ORT IC is currently planning to begin this program in Burundi and Senegal. As being part of the Good Governance reforms required by the International institutions, it can be replicated in other French speaking country.

Master & Doctorate degrees

After the Bachelor Degree studies, a number of students will have the opportunity to continue with a Master degree and even a Doctorate (PhD).

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