Computer Training

Urban Development

Botswana - World Bank - 1986-1996

Following successful completion of the pilot project, ORT's contract was extended for two years, with the addition of a social welfare component. Under Phase II of the project, training was provided to 14 councils in Botswana, including those in remote areas beyond the Kalahari Desert.

Phase II has been extended four times, with an emphasis on the training of senior managers including chief executives and a team of local training specialists. As well as training professional staff, the project has also addressed a number of consultancy assignments in the mechanical workshop, finance and legal fields.

An ORT training specialist designed a one year pilot project to be implemented in conjunction with the Cooperative Housing Foundation (CHF) and the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accounting (CIPFA).

Four training officers developed on-the-job training programs for the administration, finance, communications development, and technical departments of the Gaborone and Francistown technical faculties. ORT successfully completed the project, and World Bank extended the contract.


Botswana - Government of Botswana - 1991

With ORT's assistance an autonomous computer industry department at the

The Botswana Polytechnic was established by supplying electronic, automation, and robotics equipment.

Urban Development

Botswana - World Bank - 1983-1984

ORT led a preliminary study team for a pilot project to train local government

authorities in road maintenance, water supply, sewage, and housing.


Botswana - Kampsax - 1977

ORT prepared a road maintenance pilot project that recommended organizational, operational procedures and equipment upgrades.

The labor-intensive project employed and trained many unskilled workers and the resulting roads improved the access to rural areas.

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