Public Road Works


Burkina Faso - African Development Bank - 2001

ORT provided a series of seminars, as follows: A Seminar on Contract Management. Its objectives were to train project managers and engineers/technicians responsible for public road works, to master the regulations of the bidding process, public markets, improvement of management contracts and to understand the policy procedures undertaken by the various funding agencies.

A Seminar on Legal Aspects of Public Contracts. Its objectives were to train engineers in order to master the rules of procurement contracts, legal aspects of financial agreements, procedures of the financing agencies, notions of public domain, civil liability in public road works, and how to determine and prevent potentially conflicting situations.

Vocational Training

Burkina Faso - Austrian Development Cooperation BMaA - 2000

The Austrian Cooperation (BMaA) assigned an ORT vocational training specialist to supervise their vocational training programs.

An ORT specialist was assigned as special advisor to the National Professional and Technical Training Department, in order to monitor and evaluate their programs, as well as to review all requests for funding submitted to the BMaA.

Vocational Training

Burkina Faso - Government of Burkina Faso & ORT - 1998

ORT was assigned to assist with the implementation of training modules in Hairdressing,

Air Conditioning, Beauty Care, at the Training Center: "Center de Formation pour Artisans de Ouagadougou".

Technical Training

Burkina Faso - SDC - 1974-1995

For over 20 years, the ORT Central Institute in Geneva provided training courses of

18 to 22 months to technical and vocational schools as well as to trainers in public and private firms.


Burkina Faso - World Bank - 1980-1982

Within the framework of a World Bank education project, ORT provided an architect

for two years who coordinated the construction of various regional training centers.

Urban Development

Burkina Faso - World Bank - 1979-1982

The organization, operation and maintenance of all municipal services, including tax administration, were thoroughly examined in a 1977 survey of two major cities.

The survey recommendations were subsequently implemented by an ORT training team, thereby enhancing the local capacity to provide effective municipal services.


Burkina Faso - World Bank - 1980

ORT identified the construction industry training needs and recommended

an appropriate training program.

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