Education Project


Cameroon - World Bank - 1986-1989

After assisting with the World Bank's Third Education project, ORT signed a new contract under the Fourth Education Project in 1986.

Eight ORT specialists provided expertise to the Ministry of Education in project management, educational planning, statistics, architecture, and equipment.


Cameroon - IOCS & USAID - 1987

ORT studied training equipment, software, and human resource needs,

then jointly established a computer training center with USAID and IOCS (the Cameroonian subsidiary of American computer specialists).


Cameroon - World Bank - 1982-1986

Two ORT specialists assisted the Ministry of Education in the financial

and equipment management of various education projects.


Cameroon - World Bank - 1982-1986

ORT played an integral role in a reorganization of the Cameroon Railways.

Firstly, ORT drafted an organizational diagram and detailed job descriptions. ORT then recommended and implemented a training department reorganization and proposed five-year training programs.


Cameroon - World Bank - 1984-1985

ORT trained 33 officials of the Ministry of Equipment's Highway Directorate at ORT France and other European institutions.

The participants represented various sectors of the Highway Directorate and included management, workshop maintenance, and other personnel.


Cameroon - World Bank - 1977-1982

ORT evaluated existing training programs for the Cameroon Railways employees

and recommended modifications to improve management and operational practices.


Cameroon - CIDA - 1981

An ORT survey delineated the manpower, equipment, and budgetary guidelines

to expand the College des Travailleurs.


Cameroon - World Bank - 1973

ORT surveyed technical and vocational resources and requirements in the

Northern provinces for the Ministry of Education.

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