Chad - Exxon Mobil - 2002-2008

Through the Miandoum Improved Agriculture Program, ORT provided technical assistance to improve agricultural techniques and animal breeding for a group of farmers under the ESSO Exploration and Production resettlement plan.

The major project components include: farmer training, agricultural credit and marketing, and organizational development for credit and savings associations for farmers.


Chad - World Bank - 2003-2006

This is a World Bank funded project in which ORT provided assistance to the Ministry of Infrastructure/ the Human Resource Management Board. The ORT team was in charge of the development of a framework of quality highway maintenance personnel.

The project is achieved through the regular evaluation of staff, the establishment of a management team to research future employment requirements, the improvement of management procedures, staff training in human resources and the implementation of a professional training program.


Chad - SDC (Swiss Aid) - 1999-2005

ORT managed scholarship students and was responsible for the administration, financial control and accounting management of the funds as well as the educational follow-up of Chadian students in Senegal.

Twenty-five students attended long-term training courses in areas such as rural engineering, rural economics and agriculture.


Chad - World Bank - 1994-1999

ORT developed a cadre of quality highway maintenance personnel by regularly evaluating staff, establishing a management team to research future employment requirements, improving management procedures, and training staff in human resources.

ORT also worked with the Ministry of Transport and Public Works to form a Human Resource Management Board.


Chad - USAID - 1991-1994

Upon successful completion of the agricultural development and farmer training project,

ORT disseminated the irrigation and sustainable agriculture technologies to more farmers and developed profitable marketing, post-harvest, and small-scale food processing techniques in the Lake Chad area.


Chad - African Development Bank - 1994-1995

ORT devised an administration, accounting, and finance computer program

to aid the management of educational project management in N'Djamena.


Chad - African Development Bank - 1994

An ORT survey addressed training requirements to computerize the Bureau d'Execution

de Projets for the Ministry of Education.


Chad - CFD - 1994

ORT conducted a socio-economic study in the Lake Chad area covering training in

sodium carbonate marketing applications.

Urban Development

Chad - World Bank - 1993-1994

ORT trained local small business staff in enterprise management, specifically focusing on the ability to prepare tender documents for the execution of public works.

Managers and staff received training in technical, administrative, and financial management.


Chad - World Bank - 1987-1993

ORT provided an Administrator/Manager and several education and training

experts to assist the Government as part of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development's Third Education Project.


Chad - USAID - 1987-1991

ORT developed and implemented an agricultural development and farmer training project in the Lake Chad area.

The program increased agricultural production by improving traditional irrigation and agronomic techniques and by developing replicable models for sustainable wadi produce. ORT also developed subprojects implementing small motor pumps and a new credit system.


Chad - USAID - 1982

ORT designed and constructed the Industrial Training Institute for the

Ministry of Education and provided detailed specifications regarding course syllabi, equipment, and materials needed to support the curricula.


Chad - USAID - 1979-1980

ORT continued and expanded the project below until adverse political conditions

necessitated a suspension of operations.


Chad - World Bank - 1975-1979

The Chad government wanted improved road transport networks to facilitate rapid food distribution.

In response, ORT trained road construction and equipment maintenance personnel, and established a training center and a road maintenance pilot brigade.

ORT Chad

ORT Chad was created and locally registered as an NGO at the end of 2004. 15 voluntary members are active and the following projects have been implemented:

Repair of Tricycles for the Disabled

This project is funded by the PNUD (Chad) in 2005. The objective of this project is to train people in repairing tricycles for the disabled community and to upgrade the technical and human capacities of these people.

Study on AIDS orphans' training needs

A study funded by a private donor has been undertaken by two local consultants. It concerns the training needs of AIDS orphans at N'Djamena.

Petroleum Gas Stoves Manufacture

The objective of this project is to put on the market low-priced petroleum gas stoves in order to make their application familiar within families of modest means and to provide a cooking method that does not contribute towards deforestation. The contract value is $10,000.

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