Ethiopia - Early Childhood Development

Integrated Livelihood Project

Ethiopia - EU - 1999-2000

The Integrated Livelihood Project was designed to sustain the results

and achievements of the Early Childhood Development project through the establishment of small scale income generating activities.


Ethiopia - World Bank - 1984-1999

ORT studied labor development for the Peasant Agricultural Development Project, in six regions of western Ethiopia.

ORT analyzed career ladders, job descriptions, and service conditions for all of the Ministry of Agriculture staff, the Peasant Association, and service and producer cooperatives, with particular emphasis placed on introducing training.

Early Childhood Development

Ethiopia - NORAD - 1994

ORT provided primary health care, health, nutrition, and pre-school education to local communities.

ORT sponsored additional community and small business development programs to ensure a permanent income to cover operational expenses. ORT established eight centers.

Rural Development

Ethiopia - BMZ, CIDA, SDC, SIDA & USAID - 1977-1982

Under an integrated rural development program in the Gondar Province of Ethiopia, ORT implemented construction and training activities in agriculture, primary education, health DDA handicrafts and cottage industries.

ORT founded several schools, established micro enterprise credit funds for farming and cottage industries, and provided practical training for agricultural extension agents and artisans.

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