Organic Agriculture Initiative and Ningo Farmers Advanced Program

Organic Agriculture Initiative & Ningo Farmers Advanced Program

Ghana - City Group & Western Union

Citigroup and Western Union provided grants to ORT to promote fair trade, organic farming and cooperative production which will lead to increased employment and higher income levels for farmers and small-scale growers in the Ningo region of Ghana.

ORT first collaborated with the Ningo community from 1990 - 1997 to improve local conditions through the provision of early childhood education, health and nutrition services. ORT also constructed several community buildings one of which is now being used as a food drying production facility.

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Integrated Livelihood Development

Ghana - Citigroup project - 2007-2008

Good health and a reduced negative environmental impact; open new markets for the sale of the products.

Improve the quality of life for the impoverished women and families through income generation and economic advancement.

Integrated Livelihood Development

Ghana - ORT & Tzedek - 2004-2008

The Elmina Women's Textile Project creates unique products manufactured by low income and impoverished women in the Elmina area.

This provides micro-credit by establishing a revolving business loan program, which strengthens the existing women's credit and savings infrastructure in the area, and trains business-skills teachers to work directly with production teams, loan recipients, and women in the community at large. The textile goods manufactured in the project are: Yoga mat bags, lap-top computer cases, belts and custom batik fabric.

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