Master Craftsmen Training

Master Craftsmen Training Project I & II

Mali - Lux-Development - 2011-2012

Mali has a large and rich experience in the transmission of crafts and professions. Its origins come from a traditional society in which acquiring practical skills is the only way of professional training. Within this society, learning has its cultural roots and is supported at all levels of social organization, family, clan, tribe, village, etc.

Knowledge and expertise are hand over to the next generation by mimicry. Production is essentially craft-type and evolution of knowledge and techniques are evolving slowly.

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Early Childhood Development

Mali - ORT Switzerland - 2001-2003

ORT implemented an Early Childhood Development project in February 2001, funded by ORT Switzerland.

The project consisted of providing an Information, Education, Communication (IEC) specialist to provide assistance to communities in 50 villages, in five regions: Sikasso, Koulikoro, Mopti, Gao and Kayes.

The activities were aimed at women and children living in poor socio-economic and sanitary conditions and living below the poverty line. The IEC specialist helped to strengthen the role of women in their communities by providing assistance in areas of reproductive health and family planning.

Promotion of Women

Mali - ORT Switzerland - 2001-2003

An Information-Education-Communication (IEC) expert was seconded to support of Women and Alleviation and Poverty Program.

For two years the expert provided technical assistance to 50 villages.

Promotion of Women

Mali - African Development Bank - 1998-2000

ORT implemented a project at the - Commissariat à la Promotion des Femmes - in Bamako.

A specialist in IEC worked as an Expert in Women in Development within the - Projet d'Appui à la Promotion des Femmes et au Développement de la Pauvreté -.

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