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Master Craftsmen Training

Master Craftsmen Training Project II

Mali - Lux-Development - 2011-2012

Mali has a large and rich experience in the transmission of crafts and professions. Its origins come from a traditional society in which acquiring practical skills is the only way of professional training. Within this society, learning has its cultural roots and is supported at all levels of social organization, family, clan, tribe, village, etc.

Knowledge and expertise are hand over to the next generation by mimicry. Production is essentially craft-type and evolution of knowledge and techniques are evolving slowly.

Mali is confronted with a serious crisis of youth unemployment, particularly in provinces and rural areas. Various programs of formal education and classical training for vocations, developed in the last ten years, have failed to provide a solution and the situation is worsening.

The Malian Ministry of Professional Training has decided to try the last chance program: restoring, organizing and modernizing the old classical system of apprenticeship.

In order to have this mechanism of continuous professional training, skills and learning in place, the Support Program for Vocational Training and Professional Insertion (PAFIP) in Mali has been initiated by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

World ORT International Cooperation has been selected to develop and implement the two current operational projects.

The PAFIP works directly with the National Directorate of Vocational Training that guides vocational training and apprenticeship within the Regional Departments of Employment and Professional Training of the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training.


The projects aim to support and develop a training program for craftsmen to become apprenticeship masters.

These projects are motivated by the need to contribute to reducing poverty and youth unemployment in the provincial areas of the Bamako District, Segou Region and the circle of Yorosso.

To achieve this goal, the second project will then train the 41 national inspectors and able them to oversee the craftsmen-training on a regional level.

The anticipated outcome of these projects will be to have a higher percentage of qualified and certified young professionals improving their chances to find work or develop their own business.


A national team of 41 inspectors has been designated by the Malian Ministry to supervise the apprenticeship across the country and update the apprenticeship masters' training. World ORT team is in charge of:

  • Training the trainers' trainers in competency-based vocational training engineering.
  • Competency-based approach training/program development.
  • Testing of new and previously developed programs within the vocational training centers.
  • Training the trainers in the use of new programs.
  • Training the trainers of public and private institutions who will receive apprentices for vocational training.
  • Advocate the distribution and use of new and existing programs within the vocational training centers.

World ORT staff on site

A team of 5 people is running this project from our offices in Segou and Bamako. It includes 2 international experts from Canada and Senegal as well as 3 Malian experts.

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