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Senegal - Ville de Genève - 2009

This project taught computers to disabled people, focusing on training for entry into the job market.

In cooperation with CACSUP a local NGO, four months training in computer skills was provided for war victims in Casamance. The project addressed 34 people and helped them to find jobs.

Vocational Education

Senegal - City of Geneva - Government of Senegal - 2007-2008

With financial support from the City of Geneva, IC has launched a new program in Senegal which will provide skills training to handicapped youth.

The opening of the project took place in November 2007 and in January 2008, ORT sent a specialist for two weeks to provide appropriate training to Senegalese staff and beneficiaries.


Senegal - African Development Bank - 2006

ORT undertook a feasibility study for the Gambian River Basin Development Organization, based in Dakar, Senegal.

The study was completed by two specialists in microfinance and covered four countries: Senegal, Guinea, The Gambia and Guinea Bissau. Included in the study was an assessment and initiation of a Cooperative Credit Unions System in the four countries.


Senegal - Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation - 1999-2005

ORT was responsible for training producers and grassroots workers, creating rural; 'training and information' networks and organizing advanced training for trainers and managers in agricultural and rural development.

Support was given to forming a network of different institutions to produce multi-skilled technicians.

Community Development

Senegal - EU - Government of Luxembourg - 1996-2000

ORT implemented a Mother and Child Care project in the Hann, Yoff and Ngor zones of Dakar.

A Central Unit was built, comprising a primary health center, two vocational training workshops, one for cutting and dress-making, the other for metal works, a nutrition center, a training center for preschool educators and health workers, and 9 shops for graduates who became entrepreneurs. Eight preschools were built for a total capacity of 1,152 students. The project now successfully functions under local control.

Community Development

Senegal - African Development Bank - 1993-1999

ORT technical assistance improved female and child socio-economics in five regions of Senegal.

An ORT finance and administration specialist advised the Ministry for Women, Children, and Family.


Senegal - Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation - 1977-1999

An ORT team trained technicians in agriculture, animal husbandry, and forestry.

In 1983, ORT extended the project to include engineers in the same fields. ORT managed five schools and two permanent training centers in various regions of the country, and filled the management positions with Senegalese trained by ORT in Senegal and Europe. In 1994, ORT received three-year project extension for the Agricultural Training Center in Bambey and the Forestry Training Center in Zinguinchor.

Community Development

Senegal - African Development Bank - 1994

ORT computerized the financial administration of the CEP and studied Ministry

of Women, Children, and Family communications, personnel organization, and purchasing methods.


Senegal - World Bank - African Development Bank - 1986-1994

An ORT general finance and administration specialist supervised Ministry

of Education management of World Bank funds and prepared the Fourth Education Project budget.


Senegal - World Bank - 1992

An ORT agricultural specialist assessed the Extension Service Agent's

training needs and analyzed the National Agricultural Extension Program (PNVA).


Senegal - Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation - 1986-1988

ORT surveyed rural development human resources, assessed human resource

requirement for the year 2000, and recommended training programs.


Senegal - World Bank - 1981-1987

Nine ORT specialists constructed a new training center and organized

Training Production Units.


Senegal - USAID - Ford Foundation - 1979-1985

ORT, in conjunction with YMCA and the Ministry of Social Services, developed an integrated UNDP training system in Dakar.

ORT directed training for unemployed youth, provided them with marketable skills, and followed up with job counseling and placement services.


Senegal - USAID - 1980-1984

Following-up the program below, ORT created a permanent training structure

to upgrade SAED staff and to train new staff in agricultural equipment operation, maintenance, and repair.


Senegal - Ford Foundation - 1983

ORT conducted a market survey and investigated the feasibility of integrating women into the construction trades.

ORT then assessed the possibility of establishing a draftsperson workshop employing an equal number of women and men.


Senegal - Ford Foundation - 1983

ORT evaluated the effectiveness of the Maritime Fisheries School in Dakar.

Recommended curriculum updates, building and equipment improvements and assessed technical assistance requirements.


Senegal - World Bank - Louis Berger - 1981

ORT surveyed and assessed Ministry of Public Works employment and training requirements and as a result designed a training program for the employees.

ORT also determined trainee availability within the Ministry, facility and equipment requirements, and technical assistance guidelines as well as projected costs.


Senegal - USAID - 1980-1981

ORT improved performance and expanded local national staff roles of USAID

in Dakar by modifying the work environment and facilitating expanded career opportunities.


Senegal - USAID - 1977

ORT conducted a preliminary survey and designed a training program to improve agricultural mechanic's technical expertise at the Société d'Amènagement et d'Exploitation des Terres du Delta (SAED).

ORT recommended material requirements and supply sources, technician and employee training methods, and government departmental reorganization.


Senegal - USAID - 1975

ORT conducted a series of training programs in rural development,

vocational education, health, and industry for Government personnel.

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