HP Digital Village

HP Digital Village

South Africa - Hewlett Packard & Geneva Canton - 2002-2008

HP is financing the - Digital Village - program in the Dikhatole Community near Johannesburg.

The program is helping underserved communities participate in the digital age. Members of the community are learning computer, internet, accounting and business skills and more than 4,000 will be trained in the community by the time of the projects' completion.

Early Childhood Development

South Africa - DFID & EU - 2001-2004

This project was a joint venture between ORT SA, World ORT Trust and the South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (SANCA). The project addressed the underlying causes of substance abuse in Soweto.

It targeted individuals, families and the community; developed a curriculum for pre-primary school children that emphasized self-esteem, trained and supported teachers in the implementation of the new curriculum, provided employable skills training to family members of children in participating schools, and it provided community members and leaders with the opportunity to attend substance abuse and empowerment workshops at the SANCA clinic.

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