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Agriculture No Trees No Life


Chad - Exxon Mobil - 2002-2008

Through the Miandoum Improved Agriculture Program, ORT provided technical assistance to improve agricultural techniques and animal breeding for a group of farmers under the ESSO Exploration and Production resettlement plan.

The major project components include: farmer training, agricultural credit and marketing, and organizational development for credit and savings associations for farmers.

Environment Project

Guinea - IIZDVV & ORT - 2006-2008

This is a three-year project.

ORT Guinea has been selected to train producers in 5 villages around Mamou (300 kms from Conakry) in Environmental Studies in order to preserve natural resources in middle Guinea.

Enatef - National Forestry School

Guinea - Government of Guinea & SDC - 2001-2007

A National Forestry School (ENATEF) was established in Mamou with the support of Swiss Aid. The purpose of ENATEF is to train Forestry Technicians Agents in the field of rural development with widely varied roles.

More than 250 technicians have graduated and started to work in the private sector on internationally funded projects, the timber business in the forests of Guinea or in the private forestry business. 15,000 farmers have also been trained in forestry and market gardening.


Guinea - DNEF - SDC - 2001-2002

ORT assessed "staff mobility" until 2010, by taking into account retirement and the other predictablilities of the engagement and departure of staff.

Thus, staffing requirements can be forecasted for the 2001-2010 period, and a management plan was established.


Ethiopia - World Bank - 1984-1999

ORT studied labor development for the Peasant Agricultural Development Project, in six regions of western Ethiopia.

ORT analyzed career ladders, job descriptions, and service conditions for all of the Ministry of Agriculture staff, the Peasant Association, and service and producer cooperatives, with particular emphasis placed on introducing training.


Guinea - SDC - 1987-1995

ORT provided forestry training courses to a group of Ministry of

Agriculture staff.


Chad - USAID - 1991-1994

Upon successful completion of the agricultural development and farmer training project,

ORT disseminated the irrigation and sustainable agriculture technologies to more farmers and developed profitable marketing, post-harvest, and small-scale food processing techniques in the Lake Chad area.


Cape Verde - African Development Bank - 1992

Three ORT specialists assessed the problems encountered by Cape Verdian authorities in implementing the agricultural rehabilitation project.

The specialists carefully evaluated the three main components (agricultural credit, institutional strengthening, and a farm produce observation unit) and compiled a report outlining their recommendations.


Chad - USAID - 1987-1991

ORT developed and implemented an agricultural development and farmer training project in the Lake Chad area.

The program increased agricultural production by improving traditional irrigation and agronomic techniques and by developing replicable models for sustainable wadi produce. ORT also developed subprojects implementing small motor pumps and a new credit system.


Guinea - SOCFINCO - 1990-1991

An ORT specialist studied labor skills at SOGUIPAH.

A hevea, palm tree, and rice cultivating public AfDB company and provided staff training recommendations.


Madagascar - SDC - 1988-1990

ORT organized two fortnight seminars in forestry and environmental protection

for expatriate and local trainers from the Department of Agronomy at the University of Madagascar in Antananarivo.


Guinea - SDC - 1985-1986

An ORT study examined the feasibility of creating a training school for forestry technicians.

ORT determined that it would be beneficial, began project preparations, and established a provisional budget for the school.


Central African Republic - USAID - 1968-1971

ORT conducted a study and designed a special operations training program for

Ministry of Agriculture employees in farm machinery and equipment maintenance.

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