Educational Quality Improvement Project


India - American Jewish Joint Distribution (JDC) - Jewish Coalition for Asia - Tsunami Relief - Jewish Federation of Great Washington - 2005-2011

Following the Tsunami disaster in July 2005, ORT and Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana (BJS) a local NGO, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to launch and support the Andaman & Nicobar Educational Quality Improvement Project (BJS-EDUQIP) in the tsunami-affected areas of the Andaman and Nicobar islands.

In addition, ORT has installed and inaugurated computer/IT laboratories in a number of schools on the island in locations with proper infrastructure and motivation to implement an IT program in their facilities.

ORT provided the computer equipment, installation and multimedia educational CDs. As a direct result of this part of the program, three of the five schools have now added computer science as a subject for the 12th grade.

ORT's installation of these computer labs is creating a technologically educated school population and is enabling students to enter the workforce with greater skills.

The BJS-EDUQIP basket of programs include the following:

  • computer education;
  • school administration software;
  • accreditation program;
  • management of training programs;
  • aptitude assessment and evaluation;
  • teachers training program;
  • moral and value education program;
  • child youth and development program;
  • disaster management;
  • social service awareness program;
  • teaching with multimedia;
  • environment education;
  • creative thinking for teachers and creative teaching for students.

Activities will be implemented over a three-year timeframe.


India - International Labour Organisation - 1990-1991

ORT conducted seminars in London for Vocational Training Center Directors.

Topics included Project Management, Computing for Managers, Desk-top Publishing, Hypermedia and Interactive Video.

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