Vocational Training

Burkina Faso - Austrian Development Cooperation BMaA - 2000

The Austrian Cooperation (BMaA) assigned an ORT vocational training specialist to supervise their vocational training programs.

An ORT specialist was assigned as special advisor to the National Professional and Technical Training Department, in order to monitor and evaluate their programs, as well as to review all requests for funding submitted to the BMaA.

Health, Education and Nutrition

D.R. Congo - EU & FAC & Government of Luxembourg - 1994-1999

The EC and Government of Luxembourg financed a one year extension of a previous Mother and Child Care project which was carried out in two deprived zones in Kinshasa, i.e. Ngaliema and Selembao.

Three kindergartens and one health clinic were built and equipped. Youngsters and adults received vocational training and further education in French and Maths. Approximately 10,000 people benefited directly from this project, which is now managed by the Ministry for Social Affairs and local staff trained by the project.

Vocational Training

Burkina Faso - Government of Burkina Faso & ORT - 1998

ORT was assigned to assist with the implementation of training modules in Hairdressing,

Air Conditioning, Beauty Care, at the Training Center: "Center de Formation pour Artisans de Ouagadougou".

Skills Development

Gambia - African Development Bank - 1995-1998

ORT was selected to implement the skills development component of the Women in Development Project.

An ORT specialist arrived in the Gambia in August 1995 and prepared a 30-month work plan.


Chad - African Development Bank - 1994-1995

ORT devised an administration, accounting, and finance computer program

to aid the management of educational project management in N'Djamena.


Guinea - CBG/HALCO - 1983-1995

ORT trained Guinean counterparts in hydrographic studies, training of trainers,

language studies, and mining equipment maintenance.

Technical Training

Burkina Faso - SDC - 1974-1995

For over 20 years, the ORT Central Institute in Geneva provided training courses of

18 to 22 months to technical and vocational schools as well as to trainers in public and private firms.


Guinea - World Bank - 1994

An ORT senior accountant restructured road project organization and trained

staff members in finance and accounting.

Health, Education and Nutrition

D.R. Congo - BMZ & CIDA - 1988-1993

The aims of this project were to provide educational services for children aged 3-6 years who live in poor areas of Kinshasa, which are not served by the city's social services.

This is similar to the project in Lubumbashi. ORT set up a central unit where parents receive training as pre-school educators.


Chad - World Bank - 1987-1993

ORT provided an Administrator/Manager and several education and training

experts to assist the Government as part of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development's Third Education Project.

Skills Development

Gambia - World Bank - 1992

ORT adapted its financial management computer system, Financial Management

of World Bank Projects for use in the Gambia Women in Development Project.


Botswana - Government of Botswana - 1991

With ORT's assistance an autonomous computer industry department at the

The Botswana Polytechnic was established by supplying electronic, automation, and robotics equipment.

Health, Education and Nutrition

D.R. Congo - BMZ & CIDA - 1985-1991

This three-year project aimed to establish educational services for 4-6 year old children living in marginal areas who were not under the care of the town's social services.

ORT set up a central unit and 9 satellite units in Katuba (Lubumbashi) where parents were trained as pre-school educators. This project was completed in December 1987 and handed over to the local authorities.


Guinea - World Bank - 1983-1990

An ORT architect worked with the Directorate of the World Bank's Second Education Project.

Supervised and executed construction contracts for schools, institutes, and other buildings.


Cameroon - World Bank - 1986-1989

After assisting with the World Bank's Third Education project, ORT signed a new contract under the Fourth Education Project in 1986.

Eight ORT specialists provided expertise to the Ministry of Education in project management, educational planning, statistics, architecture, and equipment.


Cameroon - IOCS & USAID - 1987

ORT studied training equipment, software, and human resource needs,

then jointly established a computer training center with USAID and IOCS (the Cameroonian subsidiary of American computer specialists).


Guinea - EU - 1986-1987

An ORT architect and mechanical engineer/trainer supervised rehabilitation of the Ecole Nationale des Arts et Métiers (ENAM) buildings and equipment.

These experts prepared the pertinent tender documents and participated in personnel selection.


Cameroon - World Bank - 1982-1986

Two ORT specialists assisted the Ministry of Education in the financial

and equipment management of various education projects.


African Region - European Union - 1984-1985

ORT surveyed eight of the 16 ECOWAS states to identify telecommunications training needs.

ORT evaluated technological progress in equipment and telecommunications methods, telecommunication systems staffing and requirements, and the level of foreign staffing. ORT also examined existing and future training needs in each country.

CBG Training Center

Guinea - CBG/HALCO - 1975-1983

ORT designed and supervised construction of the Bauxite Mining Company of Guinea (CBG) Training Center in Kamsar.

The center trains most CBG personnel, where local instructors have replaced the expatriate staff.


Guinea - EU - 1983

ORT evaluated several education projects in the framework of the Fifth Plan (DFE).


Chad - USAID - 1982

ORT designed and constructed the Industrial Training Institute for the

Ministry of Education and provided detailed specifications regarding course syllabi, equipment, and materials needed to support the curricula.


Central African Republic - European Union - 1982

ORT surveyed the equipment needs of the Lycee Technique de Bangui and compiled

a comprehensive list of material necessities based on local industry skill requirements.


Madagascar - World Bank - 1982

An ORT mission assessed the viability of establishing a printing facility for

the Ministry of Education.


Burkina Faso - World Bank - 1980-1982

Within the framework of a World Bank education project, ORT provided an architect

for two years who coordinated the construction of various regional training centers.


D.R. Congo - World Bank - 1980-1982

ORT trained 26 Zairians in agricultural and technical skills at the

Central ORT Institute in Geneva and other European centers.


Madagascar - World Bank - 1977-1982

ORT created a national center to produce physics and chemistry laboratory equipment.

ORT evaluated the country's needs and current resources, helped to set up the center and begin production, and trained locals to run the center and use the materials.


Cameroon - CIDA - 1981

An ORT survey delineated the manpower, equipment, and budgetary guidelines

to expand the College des Travailleurs.


Mauritania - EU - 1975-1976

ORT analyzed hospital maintenance personnel training needs and designed and executed an on-the-job training program.

The Mauritanian staff successfully assumed hospital administration responsibilities upon completing training.


Guinea - CBG/HALCO - 1968-1975

ORT initiated a comprehensive technical training program (both on-the-job and formal training) for the Bauxite Mining Company of Guinea (CBG).

ORT training focused on the organization and maintenance of mine site installations, port facilities and 150 km of railway line essential to the flow of minerals and base supplies. The Central ORT Institute in Geneva provided counterpart training in related skill.


Gabon - Government of Gabon - 1973

ORT surveyed various training needs and developed a curriculum for an industrial

technical training center, subsequently established in Franceville.


Cameroon - World Bank - 1973

ORT surveyed technical and vocational resources and requirements in the

Northern provinces for the Ministry of Education.


African Region - Conseil de l'Entente - 1973

ORT developed an administration and management technical training program to assist small and mediumsized enterprise operations in Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Niger, and Togo.

The assistance centered around seminars and upgraded courses organized in existing institutions.


Kenya - USAID - 1966-1971

Following an ORT advisor's recommendations, the vocational training center of the National Youth Service established nationwide courses in heavy equipment and agricultural machinery maintenance and repair.

The ORT center offered training in electricity, welding, automobile mechanics, machine tools, and building trades and also trained 25 Kenyan instructors.


Guinea - USAID - 1962-1970

ORT established and operated an industrial/technical training school in Conakry, offering high level technical training in 17 vocational skill areas.

ORT also implemented training programs for various Government departments. Counterpart training at ORT's Central Institute in Geneva prepared Guinean nationals to replace the ORT specialists upon their departure.


African Region - USAID - 1969

ORT examined available resources and training needs in four countries

Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad and Gabon.


Gabon - USAID - 1966-1969

An ORT team designed, constructed, and subsequently managed a training center in Libreville.

ORT trained and upgraded personnel for electro-mechanics and refrigeration. Counterpart instructors and administrators received specialized training in teaching techniques at the Central ORT Institute in Geneva.


African Region - USAID - 1960-1961

ORT evaluated vocational training needs in ten African countries and presented

a series of detailed recommendations of how to best meet the identified needs.

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