Albania Democracy Network Program - Needs assessment of local Groups

Democracy & Governance

Albania - USAID - 2000-2001

The Social Sector Rehabilitation project provided grants and technical assistance to improve health and education infrastructure and enhance the quality of services.

ORT worked with 20 local NGOs to conduct community assessments to identify priority needs, and improve areas of social rehabilitation and services.

Democracy & Governance

Albania - USAID - 1995-2000

ORT developed and strengthened local non-governmental organizations through an incremental program of technical assistance, training, and financial grants under the Democracy Network Program.

ORT provided customized training to implement an internal governance structure that promoted democratic practices, transparency, accountability; and fundamental management and advocacy skills to become an effective agent of policy change and reform.

The funding was strategically directed toward public policy-oriented NGOs active in democratic, environmental, economic, and social issues. The project promoted democratic governance in Albania by increasing the role and recognition of civil society.

Workforce Development

Albania - USAID - 1991-1997

ORT created the first adult job skills training program in Albania during a one-year USAID funded pilot project.

Due to overwhelming student demand and the practical success of ORT courses, USAID extended the project to five years.

ORT established a total of six training centers throughout Albania and trained over 26,000 unemployed and underemployed Albanians in computers, English as a second language (ESL), management and business, automotive repair, tourism, electrical repair, cosmetology, secretarial skills, and fashion design.

ORT also provided technical assistance for the Ministry of Labor to create a Department of Vocational Training to manage the network of schools.

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