Cooking Stoves

Cooking Stoves


Deforestation is one of the worrying issues of our environment. Cooking with wood and charcoal is a very significant contribution to the problem.

World ORT has created ENATEF, a vocational school dedicated to forest skills and protection in Mamou, Guinea. As part of its programs the school promotes the use of economic oil stoves, specially designed, preventing the use of wood for cooking.

The project

Manufacturing various models of stoves (kerosene or paraffin-oil aerated) at the School's workshop. These burners are low cost and high security and high heating capacities.


  • People that will receive the expertise to manufacture stoves (school, association, cooperative among others);
  • Hundreds of people, individuals, businesses and institutions (schools, restaurants, hospitals) who will benefit from a tool to cook very powerful, low-cost energy.

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