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Education for Hospitalized Children

Education for Hospitalized Children


The project's main goal is to improve the quality of educational services for hospitalized children.

The project tries to ensure that school pupils can not only continue their education while undergoing medical treatment, but can continue their education in pleasant surroundings using the most advanced learning technologies. The program is divided into two main components.

  • State-of-the-art computers, installed within innovative work-stations particularly geared to younger children as well as interactive white boards and educational LEGO, are provided in each hospital to allow children to study and play with hi-tech equipment and devices;
  • An online distance learning service has been developed. Through this portal, children benefit from a virtual school thanks to online communication with teachers, enrichment activities and the ability to keep in contact with family and friends;

This project aims to reduce children's educational gaps caused by hospitalization and to give children support and enrichment work through online distance learning.

Most importantly, however, the project will help the children through a difficult and anxious time, keeping them distracted through entertaining learning media and the opportunity to remain in touch with school-friends and school-work.

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