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War Affected Youth Computer Training

War Affected Youth Computer Training

Any post-conflict region/country

Young people in former conflict zones have not been able to gain a basic education. Many were recruited as combatants and many returned with physical disabilities from combat or were injured by landmines.

These handicapped people are now marginalized and need support to integrate the civil society and take an active role. World ORT has already successfully implemented a project in Dakar for victims of landmines.

The project provides for computer lab equipment and organizes courses on basic computer skills and entrepreneurship. Such project could be replicated in other post-conflict area, such as Casamance/Senegal, Burundi, Liberia, Rwanda, Sierra-Leone, etc.


The beneficiaries of this project are women and men between 16 and 30 years living with a physical disability. Particular attention is given to equitable distribution between the sexes. Participants will be selected in cooperation with the local youth and disabled people organizations.


  • Rehabilitating victims of war;
  • Participating in the fight against poverty;
  • Improving the plight of the disadvantaged;
  • Promoting the employability of disabled young people.

The Georges Soros's Open Society Institute

The Georges Soros Foundation and World ORT International Cooperation have signed, in 2010, a one million dollars' agreement for a project in Liberia in aid of 1000 young people, mostly war affected youth.

In six rural districts, they will receive the education and vocational training required to the employment market. Help will also be provided to small entrepreneurs to hire the young trainees.

USAID, the Liberian Ministries of Youth and of education, the World Bank and the International Labor Organization are partners in this program.

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