Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development

Brasil - European Union - 1998-2002

An Early Childhood Development Community Based Integrated Project started in October 1998 in the deprived areas of Wenceslau Fontoura, Cavalhada and Timbauva in Porto Alegre.

This project developed a self-help social action plan to improve the living conditions and meet the basic needs of the residents of these communities.

The direct beneficiaries of the project were 600 malnourished children under the age of six, 500 mothers showing high levels of malnutrition and pregnant and breast-feeding women all of whom received complimentary nutrition.

1,152 children benefited from the pre-school education program each year, 400 women were trained as child minders or health workers, parents in the community received lectures on health, education, nutrition and family planning related issues and 80 community leaders were trained.


Brasil - CIDA - 1981-1992

ORT Latin America & the Carabbean conducted a 1979 study and subsequently initiated a distance education training program.

ORT designed four courses covering office procedures and electrical/domestic maintenance.

The project originally targeted 300 students in three provinces, but by 1991 had trained over 18,000 students in 12 provinces.


Brasil - CIDA - 1989-1991

ORT inaugurated a Graduate Tool Lending program for the graduates of the distance education courses.

ORT lent students tool sets for up to six months to facilitate immediate employment, and offered a purchase option at the end of the lending period.

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