Chile - Telefónica Foundation - 2002-2006 - implemented by ORT Chile

ORT Chile signed an agreement that established a strategic alliance with the biggest national networking telecommunications company, CTC Telefónica, in which both

parties agree to organize computer training courses for the benefit of disabled persons all over the country, as well as reinsertion training courses for inmates in different prisons around the country.

As an example, in 2006 there were two types of courses for the disabled: One for visual impaired and the other for physically and sensorially (deaf) and mentally disabled. Courses given for the disabled took place in different cities: Arica, Iquique, Copiapo, Valparaiso, Talca, Puerto Varas, Puerto Montt.

Courses in Prisons

A 100 hour course for 25 women and man who were in jail about to leave for freedom. The purpose of this course was to give them technical and concrete working tools, so they can have a better way in the working environment when they leave prison.

In a highly emotional ceremony inside the prison, and with the attendance of dignitaries, diplomas were granted to 40 inmates. Telefónica usually renews its commitment to do the same in following years, together with ORT.


This course is oriented to train people with brain paralysis, deaf, and children with minor mental problems, and problems in language, in an iconic system of communication. For that purpose, a software created by Telefónica Foundation is used called SICLA, that means Communication System of Alternative Language.

The course is focused to tutors or people that work with students with brain paralysis, deaf and mentally disabled. Courses were given to a total of 200 people annually from September to December in Santiago and in Arica, Iquique, Copiapo, Valparaiso, Talca, Puerto Varas, Puerto Montt.


Chile - European Union - 1992-1996

ORT, in cooperation with the Andes Foundation and the Chilean Ministry of Education, provided the technical support for the design, installation, study plans preparation and direction of an Educational Technological Center in the city of Concepción.

The Center had an annual registration capacity of 180 students, with a total of approximately 1.400 students in two shifts. The project lasted four years.


Chile - SDC - 1969-1977

ORT, in cooperation with the National Training Institute (INACAP), pioneered an eight-year training effort.

Full-time and part-time students received instruction in air conditioning, industrial refrigeration, and food preservation through cold storage.

ORT established the principal training center in Santiago, and opened two satellite centers in Arica and Concepción. Advanced Chilean students received additional training in Europe.

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