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Haiti Camp Perrin - Builders' training

Camp Perrin - Builders' training

Haiti - American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) - UNESCO - 2010-2011

Following the January earthquake in Haiti, World ORT sent a mission to the country to assess the provision of education and training services that would enable the local population to rebuild the country. Among the many things learned by the mission were those.

  • People in Haiti were killed or wounded by the collapse of the houses and not by the earthquake itself;
  • They want and need to re-build their houses on the same piece of land. Thousands of the poor lost their homes during the earthquake and their homes were their only asset and their only significant attainment during their lifetime;
  • Nobody will provide financial support for these kinds of houses. There is no program in this direction;
  • As they traditionally do, this sector of the population will re-build their homes by hiring small teams of local builders. No architect and no building engineer will be involved in the planning and the building process;
  • The teams of builders, generally 3 to 4 people, previously never received training and rely only on their own experience;
  • The builders know nothing of seismic resistant buildings and how basic skills and techniques will guarantee the strength of the houses;

The program

The training for builders program aims to provide an answer to the re-building of private single storey houses for the poor and the lower middle class in Haiti.

Groups of 16 experienced builders are invited for a 10 day intensive theoretical and practical training course. The training takes place at the premises of World ORT's local partner, 'Les Ateliers-Ecole de Camp Perrin', situated 200 kilometers from the capital Port-au-Prince. This provides the best setting to help the builders focus on the training and drastically improve their professional skills.

During the first year of activity, the program will train 900 builders, and will eventually train more than 4,000 builders in during the next 5 years.

Project Extension

From September 2010, a third parallel group of 16 builders started each session.

It is also important to provide proper tools, adapted to the ant-seismic building techniques, to the builder's teams.

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