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Saint François d'Assise Vocational School

Saint François d'Assise Vocational School

Haiti - American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) - Mexican Alliance for Haiti - 2011-2013

The vocational education system for the youth population of Haiti had been suffering for many years, due to the same factors which afflict many of the country's institutions: severe lack of resources and equipment, allied to a lack of professionalism amongst administrators.

Weakened by lack of funds and infrastructure, the system finally collapsed on January 12, 2010, unable to withstand the devastation of the earthquake which hit the country.

World ORT has decided to establish a partnership in creating a new vocational school in Port-au-Prince, focusing in particular on the poor.

The new vocational school now under construction in downtown Port-au-Prince (Tabarre) and it is planned to start educating the students in the start of 2012. The school will offer courses to 100 till 250 young people aged 15 to 22, who will receive professional certificates.

The courses will each run for approximately one school year. It will innovate by combining on the job apprenticeship in local enterprises with the classical vocational education, a system still never practiced in Haiti.

In recognition of this exciting and important initiative, the Mexican Alliance for Haiti (the Mexican Government and private enterprises) and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) have agreed to fund the new vocational school in Port-au-Prince.

NPH, a Catholic Mission active in South America and the Caribbean, has been chosen to be the local partner.

World ORT has been chosen by the Mexican Alliance and NPH to create, manage and provide the vocational education for a start-up period of the first two years. After this period NPH will take over full responsibility for the education and the financial aspects.

The existing strong implementation of NPH in Haiti (orphanages, schools and hospitals) as well as their capability to raise funds is the best guarantee of the durability of the project after World ORT's involvement has come to an end.

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