Early Childhood Development Project Oaxaca

Workforce Development

Mexico - European Union - 1998-2001

This project provided training to isolated communities with limited access to job training living in poor conditions and who could not travel to other villages or cities to attend training courses. A regional training center and 8 satellite units were established.

Training workshops in three different areas were provided: welding and plumbing, electrical engineering and pattern cutting and sewing. The direct beneficiaries were men and women aged 15 to 55 living in these communities.


Mexico - ORT/DIF - 1995-2000

ORT, in partnership with DIF, (a governmental social development institution) established a Center to train tractor mechanics and operators in Hidalgo.

The project trained 192 participants annually.

Early Childhood Development

Mexico - EU - DIF/Oaxaca - 1997-1999

ORT opened an Early Childhood Development project, which contributed to the improvement of the lives of infants and pre-school children, mothers and residents of the poorest areas of the district of Tuxtepec, State of Oaxaca.

The project provided education, health and nutritional care. One Central Unit (training center) and 10 satellite units (preschools) were built and equipped to accommodate over 500 children aged 3-6 each year.

Health related topics, sessions, and preventative measures were provided to thousands of parents, and one thousand malnourished children and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers benefited from complementary alimentation. The project was handed over to DIF/Oaxaca in December 1999 and now functions within the educational network of DIF/Oaxaca.


Mexico - EU - 1992-1995

ORT established and managed a new Vocational Training Center in rural Iztapalapa, Mexico.

The Center offered youth from underprivileged families technical training in general mechanics, electricity, automotive mechanics, tourism, and marketing. The Center enrolled 320 students in the first year, 640 in the second year, and 960 in the third year.


Mexico - CIDA - 1989-1992

ORT Latin America designed and implemented a distance education project that

provided electricity, plumbing, and computer training to over 2,000 students.

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