Peru Community Training Course

Health, Education and Nutrition

Peru - SIDA - 1994-1997

ORT extended the mother and child care project to San Martin de Porras and built

two more satellite units and trained additional childcare, health, and community leaders.

Health, Education and Nutrition

Peru - European Union - 1991-1996

ORT designed and established a mother and child care center in San Fernando and outlying areas where ORT provided training in hygiene, nutrition, health care, and birth control.

In 1994, the Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA) extended the project for two additional years.


Peru - CIDA - 1988-1994

Following the successful implementation in Brazil of a seven year Distance Education

project, ORT designed a similar project in Peru and provided skills training to 3,000 students.

Health, Education and Nutrition

Peru - CIDA - 1988-1992

Following the two projects below, ORT established a fourth network in the

Cañete/Chaclacayo district of Lima province.

Health, Education and Nutrition

Peru - European Union - 1984-1988

Extending the project below, ORT established similar networks in the Comas and

Independencia districts of Lima.

Health, Education and Nutrition

Peru - CIDA - 1983-1986

ORT Latin America designed and established a network of mother and child care and

education centers in the San Juan de Lurigancho district of Lima.


Peru - World Bank - 1981-1982

An ORT mission assessed the Ministry of Transport's Road Maintenance and Equipment

Department personnel training needs.

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