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Comprehensive Development Program

Guinea - Mamou Region

World ORT is involved in Guinea, particularly in the region of Mamou since 1994, with the creation of the National Forestry school - ENATEF - and community projects led by ORT-Guinea. These include adults' literacy programs, rural communities organization and training for better use of natural resources.

The Comprehensive Development Program aims to offer an integrated approach to the rural population needs based on local communities cohesion and responsible leadership.

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Cooking Stoves

West Africa

Deforestation is one of the worrying issues of our environment. Cooking with wood and charcoal is a very significant contribution to the problem.

World ORT has created ENATEF, a vocational school dedicated to forest skills and protection in Mamou, Guinea. As part of its programs the school promotes the use of economic oil stoves, specially designed, preventing the use of wood for cooking.

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Drip Irrigation

West Africa

Agricultural production is reduced for a long period of the year - from October to June - because of the dry season and low rainfall during this period.

The system of drip irrigation would bring to both a very substantial improvement in agricultural yields, a saving of irrigation water and the ability to irrigate crops for longer periods through better use of reserves water.

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