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Mother & Child Care

Senegal, Dakar - Hann, Yoff & N'Gor Region

At the request of the municipality of Dakar, in agreement with the interest expressed by local communities in the area of Hann, World ORT completed the ORT-SEN project in May 1996 consisting of three units (health, nutrition and education)

This project was later extended by the creation of four satellite units spread over the area of Yoff and Ngor. The project is still popular 14 years after opening, and is increasingly used by the population of the areas.

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HIV/AIDS prevention

Ivory Coast

In Ivory Coast between 8% and 12% of the population is HIV positive. 1 million people are living with HIV. 600,000 children have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. 14% of pregnant women have HIV. 45% of tuberculosis patients are HIV positive. At least one teacher dies of AIDS each school day.

AIDS is the primary cause of death of men, and the secondary cause of death of women. Ivory Coast in West Africa is the worst hit by AIDS.

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