Transportation difficulties in Africa


Burkina Faso - African Development Bank - 2001

ORT provided a series of seminars, as follows: A Seminar on Contract Management. Its objectives were to train project managers and engineers/technicians responsible for public road works, to master the regulations of the bidding process, public markets, improvement of management contracts and to understand the policy procedures undertaken by the various funding agencies.

A Seminar on Legal Aspects of Public Contracts. Its objectives were to train engineers in order to master the rules of procurement contracts, legal aspects of financial agreements, procedures of the financing agencies, notions of public domain, civil liability in public road works, and how to determine and prevent potentially conflicting situations.


D.R. Congo - World Bank - 1996-1999

ORT organized overseas electrical and naval engineering and port training

for senior staff of the Regie des Voies Fluviales (RVM).


Central African Republic - World Bank - 1990-1993

An ORT specialist worked with the Direction du Materiel des Travaux Publics (DMTP) in Bangui to create an analytical computerized accounts system.

The new system ensured commercial management of AFRICA the DMTP and was run by a local team after the contract termination.


D.R. Congo - World Bank - 1975-1993

ORT created a Public Works Equipment Maintenance Service (SGMTP), managing Zaire's principal road maintenance equipment (bulldozers, graders, trucks, etc.) and supervising a road maintenance training brigade.

The project established 14 regional maintenance centers, a spare parts depot, and ancillary facilities.


D.R. Congo - CIDA - 1989-1991

ORT designed and implemented a project using labor intensive methods to help rural communities rehabilitate and maintain their own access and feeder roads.

ORT provided two engineers and trained local community residents in labor intensive road maintenance techniques.


D.R. Congo - World Bank - 1987-1990

ORT prepared the RVM training program and sent two specialists to conduct

project implementation, training and management.


D.R. Congo - USAID - 1987-1990

Two ORT specialists assisted the Office des Routes acting as a regional technical director and a civil engineering trainer based at the Lubumbashi training center.

Two ORT specialists worked together with the Office des Routes in the Bandundu Region. A regional technical director was based in Bandundu and the other consultant directed the SGMTP center in Kikwit.


D.R. Congo - USAID - 1986-1990

An ORT road construction and equipment maintenance specialist team

created a unit to rehabilitate 3,200 km of roads and bridges in Shaba.


D.R. Congo - World Bank - 1984-1990

ORT strengthened training management, trained instructors, prepared

lists of equipment needs, trained harbor security and railway telecommunications, and improved training materials for National Office of Transport (ONATRA) employees.


Burundi - World Bank - 1974-1990

This project provided training and re-training for students in the Public Works Section of Bujumbura Technical School, and at the new Gitega Center for Road Maintenance Training.

Counterparts participated in courses in technical subjects and teaching methods to prepare them for staffing the Public Works Section upon project completion. ORT responsibilities included the procurement of equipment and the selection of trainees. From 1987 to 1988 ORT implemented training seminars for newly recruited civil engineers.


D.R. Congo - CIDA - 1988-1989

An ORT specialist implemented the preparatory phase of a feeder road rehabilitation project in Kivu.

The specialist trained local teams in high-intensity road maintenance methods and provided two training specialists with DESSAU.


D.R. Congo - World Bank - 1988-1989

An ORT computer systems specialist set up a computerized inventory

of ONATRA personnel for the Human Resources Directorate.


Angola - European Union - 1988

Three ORT specialists conducted a rehabilitation needs survey of the automotive

equipment repair facilities, and personnel training in the public works sectors of Huila and Namibe.


D.R. Congo - USAID - 1986-1988

ORT helped upgrade the road between Kikwit and Idiofa and managed

an Office des Routes brigade.


D.R. Congo - USAID - 1983-1988

ORT managed the Lubumbashi Regional Training Center and provided

training to Zairian counterparts.


D.R. Congo - World Bank - 1986-1987

An ORT training specialist designed the ONATRA training plan for

the 1986-1990 period.


D.R. Congo - World Bank - 1987

An ORT specialist assisted the Office des Routes with a survey on

SGMTP workshop standardization.


Lesotho - SIDA - 1984-1986

An ORT senior administrator and trainer implemented a labor-based road project

that operated in various regions of Lesotho.


Cameroon - World Bank - 1982-1986

ORT played an integral role in a reorganization of the Cameroon Railways.

Firstly, ORT drafted an organizational diagram and detailed job descriptions. ORT then recommended and implemented a training department reorganization and proposed five-year training programs.


D.R. Congo - KfW - 1983-1985

Six ORT highway construction specialists managed a road construction

unit that built road sections between Bukavu and Goma in the Kivu region.


D.R. Congo - World Bank - 1985

ORT prepared a training plan to ensure efficient personnel management of the Régie des Voies Maritimes (RVF), a public Zairian organization.

ORT recommendations proposed new employee training methods and a job classification methodology. ORT also recommended the creation of a Research facility, to be used by RVM and other major organizations in Zaire.


Cameroon - World Bank - 1984-1985

ORT trained 33 officials of the Ministry of Equipment's Highway Directorate at ORT France and other European institutions.

The participants represented various sectors of the Highway Directorate and included management, workshop maintenance, and other personnel.


D.R. Congo - USAID - 1981-1984

ORT supervised road equipment and spare part procurement for the Bandundu Region.

The roads are used to transport farm produce to the main population centers.


D.R. Congo - CIDA - 1977-1982

ORT procured equipment and spare parts for the SGMTP and provided training in spare parts allocation and management.

In 1978, ORT expanded the program to add five specialists and to provide on-the-job training in equipment repair and maintenance and spare parts inventory control.


D.R. Congo - World Bank - 1979-1982

ORT created three new training centers and a programming unit following the reorganization of all Office des Routes training facilities.

The new training curricula included road, factory, and equipment maintenance and repair.


Cameroon - World Bank - 1977-1982

ORT evaluated existing training programs for the Cameroon Railways employees

and recommended modifications to improve management and operational practices.


D.R. Congo - World Bank - 1975-1980

An ORT program trained 2,000 ONATRA employees in computer programming,

diesel mechanics, river barge operations, electricity, administration, and port operation and maintenance.


D.R. Congo - World Bank - 1975-1980

ORT conducted a preliminary study, then organized and implemented a ferry operation and maintenance training system for Zaire's network of approximately 400 ferries.

ORT established a central spare parts depot and initiated a continuous on-the-job training program.


Chad - USAID - 1979-1980

ORT continued and expanded the project below until adverse political conditions

necessitated a suspension of operations.


Chad - World Bank - 1975-1979

The Chad government wanted improved road transport networks to facilitate rapid food distribution.

In response, ORT trained road construction and equipment maintenance personnel, and established a training center and a road maintenance pilot brigade.


Botswana - Kampsax - 1977

ORT prepared a road maintenance pilot project that recommended organizational, operational procedures and equipment upgrades.

The labor-intensive project employed and trained many unskilled workers and the resulting roads improved the access to rural areas.


Kenya - SIDA - 1975

ORT evaluated the national road maintenance training program and provided recommendations to improve

curricula, training methods and aids, and future programming activities.


D.R. Congo - Government of Zaire & USAID - 1971-1975

ORT surveyed road construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance personnel training requirements and subsequently designed and operated five regional training centers and mobile road maintenance brigades.

ORT trained over 1,000 employees and rebuilt and maintained 2,000 km of roads.

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