ORT Guinea

ORT-Guinea is a local NGO, accredited by the Guinean Authorities, and a member of the World ORT federation.

Created in Mamou in 2003, Ort-Guinea began with a group of professionals from various backgrounds and attributions committed to the improvement of the socio-economic structures in Guinea, particularly in rural zones.

The strategic goals of the organization are to:

  • Fight against poverty by improving the family income.
  • Help displaced people to integrate.
  • Contribute to the development of the rural sector by improving the population capabilities in: agriculture, environment, fishery, craftsmanship, health, education and communication.
  • Strengthen local governance and good practice.
  • Promote entrepreneurship.

ORT-Guinea mandate is achieved through:

  • Results oriented and market based surveys.
  • Education and awareness campaigns.
  • Community and leadership development.
  • Ad-hoc trainings.

On-going activities include :

  • Ebola awareness campaign implementation in the Mamou region in order to prevent further outbreaks at the request of UNICEF and the Ministry of Health
  • Literacy programs for the rural population. ORT-Guinea is also in charge of a special project of literacy for local leaders.
  • Assessment and evaluation of rural development projects. As part of the follow-up on the development project in Kalala/Dalaba, ORT-Guinea broadcasted interactive programs on the local rural radio.
  • Participation to reforestation projects and training the population on forestry and forests preservation.
  • Support to the absorbtion of the Kissidougou refugees.
  • Coordination with local NGOs in the Mamou region.

ORT-Guinea is governed by a Board of five people. The office is located in Mamou in the National Forestry Institute (ENATEF) compound.

ORT-Guinea, c/o M. Alhassane Balde, B.P. 300, Conakry. Tel: +224 626.92.94.73 / +224 657.54.96.43 Mail:

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