World ORT IC Staff

Washington Office

Celeste ANGUS
  • Ms. Celeste ANGUS
  • Director Washington Office
  • Tel: +1 703 598 7648

Celeste joined ORT in 1986 and has served as Director of the IC office in Washington DC since 1990. Celeste has developed and managed multi-sectoral international development projects in Africa, Asia, and Europe, and has traveled to more than 90 countries.

She serves as ORT's liaison with the United States Agency for International Development, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, United Nations, and private sector donors. Celeste has two Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Pittsburgh with a specialization in International Development, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Georgetown University.

London Office

  • Mr. Vladimir DRIBINSKIY
  • Chief Program Officer
  • Tel: +44 207 446 8600

Vladimir Dribinskiy is the Chief Program Officer of World ORT. He has been involved with ORT for over 18 years.

For the first ten years he was the Director of the ORT de Gunzburg Centre in St Petersburg, Russia. In 2002 Vladimir joined the World ORT team in London.

During his career with ORT he initiated and was a team leader of the World ORT "Hope and Illusions" project as well as being the project team leader for both the World ORT Multimedia project "St Petersburg Jewish Community. Three Centuries of History" and the St Petersburg team for the "Navigating the Bible".

Vladimir was also the project local director for the World ORT/TACIS project: "Management Skills Training" as well as the St Petersburg team leader for the CALMAP/EU PROJECT "Multimedia technology for Education".

From 1992-1995, he was the Director for computer science for the St Petersburg Educational City Department and before that he was Deputy Director of the Computer Science Lyceum, St Petersburg.

Vladimir holds a double masters degree in Engineering and Pedagogy from the St Petersburg State Polytechnical University.

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